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Men's Tailoring

Professional Tailor and Suit Alterations in Saint Louis, Missouri

If you want your clothes to tell the world you are a sharply-dressed man about town, or a smart but casual type, then we can help create the look you need. We have been specializing in men’s tailoring since Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations opened in St Louis, Missouri, in 2004. As a family owned and operated business, customer service is a high priority and all clients receive free estimates and measurements. Owner Yelena Polskaya follows her customer’s directions to the letter and remembers the name of each and every client because they are so important to her.

Among the repair and alteration work we do for men’s garments are tapering pants and jeans, taking in or letting out suits, taking up trouser hems, redesigning old clothes, adding uniform patches, fixing broken zippers, and altering shirts. Most tailoring and alteration work takes about a week, but if the customer wants a rush job done, then we can oblige.

Mens Shirts


We can do a lot to make a dress shirt fit better and look smarter. Shortening the sleeves; hemming the torso length; replacing broken or missing buttons; and replacing collars and cuffs with a white contrast. We can even get rid of a shirt’s billowy look by taking it in and providing a slimmer fit. Many men don’t realize how much can be achieved by shirt alterations, and it can all be done here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations.

Mens Shorts


Men like to wear shorts throughout most of the summer – but many guys should pay more attention to the style. Ideally, they should not come down below the knee, and they should be tapered at the bottom rather than too wide. At Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we will carry out any alterations to men’s shorts that a customer wants, and we guarantee they will be a perfect and stylish fit.

Mens Pants


A man’s pants should always be altered to fit the individual as much as possible. Most off-the-rack pants are unfinished and must be hemmed by several inches, the waist can also be taken in, and the leg opening tapered below the knee to your liking. Most of the products we require for tailoring and alteration are on site, and most repairs take up to a week to complete.

Mens Suit Jacket

Suit Jacket

There are many problems a man can encounter when buying a suit jacket or a blazer. The jacket may be slightly too long, which will require delicate alteration; it may need taken in or let out; or the lapels might not be laying flat. At Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we will make a suit jacket around your chest, stomach, and sides without resorting to major and expensive surgery.

Men Uniforms


At Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we provide an affordable and professional tailoring service for all types of clothing including uniforms. Whether you have a school uniform needing to be repaired or patched, a police officer’s uniform, or a military uniform, we can do the job for you. Uniform patches are particularly popular, and we are experts at applying them, having been in business since 2004.

Mens Patchwork


Cloth patches can be attached to any garment, but are most popular on uniform shirts. If you bring the clothing into our shop and let us know how many patches and where you want them applied, we will do the rest. We pay great attention to detail, always deliver on time, and our pricing structure is fair and affordable. You won’t find a more professional tailor anywhere else in and around St Louis, Missouri.

Mens Alterations


Here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we alter every type of garment from suits, shorts, and pants to wedding outfits and funeral attire. No alteration job is too big or too small for the professional team here, and we can work with any material, including tough fabrics such as leather and suede. Most alterations take up to a week to complete, but if the customer wants a job done quicker, that can be achieved.

Mens Repairs


Whatever repairs need to be carried out to your clothing, we can do the work for you. Whether you have a broken zipper on your pants, ripped jeans, or a hole in a piece of material, Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations will fix it for you. We guarantee quality work from an award winning professional tailor. All you have to do is bring the damaged garment into our shop and collect it once it is ready.