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Women's Tailor in Saint Louis, Missouri

Dress Alterations and Women's Clothing Repairs 

Much of our work at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations involves tailoring work for women’s clothes such as pantsuits, dresses, and skirts. Formal wear including wedding dresses is another specialty and we tailor wedding outfits for pregnant women. Our services for women benefit the customer enormously because they always flatter their shape and make them look beautiful. Buying ready-to-wear outfits rarely fits correctly, and the tailoring we do will make you feel better and more comfortable in the garment.

Among the women’s clothing items we alter and repair are blouses, ladies’ pants and pantsuits, shorts, skirts, dresses, and special occasion attire such as prom dresses and wedding dresses. We can work with any fabric, even tougher fabrics such as leather, suede, wool, and fleece. Any old clothes can be redesigned and we put patches on jackets and even police uniforms. No project is too big or too small for the staff here – we will always make sure your clothes fit to perfection.



A gaping blouse is not a good look for a woman and here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we will tighten the seams so that the garment fits perfectly, and has a stylish and comfortable feel. The work carried out here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations is affordable and we pay great attention to detail. Most of the products required to do the tailoring and alteration work are on site. 

Womens Shorts


If your favorite pair of shorts is in need of alteration, then make sure you bring them to the professional team here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations. Women often face the dilemma of having shorts that are too big at the waist and need to be taken in, no matter how expensive they may have been. If that’s the case – or if the shorts are a little too tight – contact us and we will do the necessary alterations.

Women Pants


Pants repair is one of the jobs we are asked to do most frequently. Hemming a pair of jeans or pants is a routine and highly affordable job here. We will also make sure the pants fit at the waist and show off your figure. Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations won the Best Clothing Operation award in St Louis, Missouri, in 2015, so you can be assured your alteration requirements are in good hands.



Alteration of dresses is a major focus of our business here at Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations. Whether it is a casual dress, a wedding dress, a prom dress, or a dress for another special occasion, we can have it fitting you to perfection. For a wedding dress, it will take between up to three visits to get the alteration done properly. All you have to do is visit the shop, get a free measuring, and we will do the rest.

Women Uniforms


If you are a police officer or in any job in which you wear a uniform, then we can repair or alter them to suit. It does not matter what the material is; we can work with any fabric. Many uniforms need patches added, and again we are comfortable doing that for our customers. We always follow the client’s directions to the letter to ensure customer satisfaction.

Women Patchwork


We can add cloth patches to any garment – including police uniforms – and we guarantee they will smarten your clothing. Just call us and tell us where you want the patches added, bring around the garment, and we will take it from there. We work with every type of attire and fabric, including military wear. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority, and we love the work we do.

Women Alterations


If a customer calls needing an alteration to an item of clothing, we first check to see whether it is a take-in, let-out, or repair. We then offer the client a free measurement and estimate. If that is accepted, we will go ahead with the job, most of which take a week to complete. At Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we can alter anything including dresses, suits, and pants, as well as outfits for weddings, funerals, and proms.

Women Repairs


As a professional tailor, we offer every type of repair from blouses and pants to curtains. If you have any holes in your clothes that need to be fixed, or the lining of your suit or jacket is ripped, then make sure you bring them to our shop in St Louis, Missouri. We specialize in clothing repair of all kind, and our pricing structure is fair and competitive.